Newsletters: How to Send Email Campaigns

Although our marketing automation tool (Communication profiles) will email your customers throughout the lifecycle of your photo job, in some instances it might make sense to send a newsletter - say for example, if you need to provide a special announcement with regards to photo day, a product or an upcoming promotion. Our specialized templates make this a snap to set up and are a great way to communicate upcoming holiday sales to your customers.

There are two ways to send newsletters:

  • Directly from a Photo Job under the Selling tab (Screenshot), or alternatively:
  • Directly from the newsletter feature under the Customers tab (Screenshot).

Both methods will redirect you to the same newsletter feature, however the main difference is that from the Photo Job approach, only recipients from that specific job will be selected.

Once you're on the newsletter page, you'll find a number of settings as indicated in the screenshot below.

1 - Name

This is where you'd provide an internal name for your campaign. It's good practice to use a name that will be meaningful in the future, as it's possible you'll have multiple campaigns at any given point. 

2 - Recipients

When you click Add/Edit, you'll be redirected to a new window where you can select any number of recipients. Note that you have a number of filters at your disposal, including job, customer status, year, album etc. 

3 - Automated Scheduling

Here you can decide to tell our system to send the email immediately once you click send or alternatively, have the newsletter sent at a specific date and time of your choosing. Please note that according to our research, people are most likely to open/read emails in the morning. 

Please note: Once you have scheduled your newsletter and saved the settings, you still need to hit the "Send Newsletter" tab to activate the scheduled newsletter. 

4 - Design 

This is where you design the body and content of your email. Note that HTML is supported but it would have to be inputed into the source code by clicking the <> icon on the top right of the bar (Screenshot). In addition, there are a number of pre-loaded templates available at your disposal on the right hand side under the Template drop down menu - those can be a useful jumping off point (especially with our tried and true holiday templates).

You want to add pictures to the newsletter? 

There are two steps if you'd like to include images to your template:

1/ Go to Settings (top menu) > File manager (left-had menu). There you upload the images you'd like to add to the newsletter. A source code will be created for each file you upload.

2/ In the newsletter template, you right-click on the email message area, a menu appears, there, you select "Image" and this box below appears.


There you can add the newly created source link, add a description (will be displayed if images in emails are blocked), and you can set the dimensions of the image.

Once you've completed the design and content of your newsletter, you should click the "Save and preview newsletter" button on the bottom of the page – you'll then have an opportunity to preview the email with populated placeholders and make any last minute changes before you finally decide to send.


Can I also send a text instead of an email to my customers ? 

Yes, please check this article in order to set up the settings for our SMS service.

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