Activating access codes

Once you upload photos to an album, you'll need to activate the access codes so that GotPhoto can match the child in your job to their photos in your album using their unique access code. Photos won't be visible in your online shop until your access codes have been activated and the job has been set to selling.

To activate your access codes:

1. Open the album where you have uploaded your photos.

2. Sort the images so that the child's QR card is preceding the rest of their photos. It should look like the QR card, the child's pictures, then a new QR card, those child's pictures, etc.


3. If you need to rearrange the photos to get them in the right order, you can either use:

(a) the "Sort" feature by clicking on the blue Sort photos hyperlink, or

(b) drag and drop the images by clicking on the plus arrows in the upper-left corner of the image.


4. The system will automatically start picking up the access code from the QR cards. A QR card has been successfully read when it's highlighted in green.


5. If any of the QR cards have not been highlighted, you can manually add the access code.


6. Once the photos are in the right order and all QR cards are highlighted in green, select Activate access codes.


7. You'll see a popup that gives you the option to resort photos based on your names list. You can select this option if you'd like your photos to be broken out into different albums according to the group and/or teacher you uploaded in your names list. The system will then automatically build the albums for you and move the photos to the correct place.



8. After the access codes have been activated, each child's photo will be grouped under their access code. 








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