One Time Settings - Sales Tax (Default account Settings)

How can I set a tax rate?

Tax rates are set via the Invoice Settings, under the Tax Rates tab.  mceclip0.png


What tax rate should I set?

We don't consult photographers on tax rates. We recommend you speak to your local tax consultant. 


You can set the Sales Tax rate based either on your, or the organization's location, you also have the option to show gross prices in your shop. 

  • You can apply different Sales Taxes rate for the product, shipping as well for downloads. mceclip1.pngIf you set the sales tax based on the organization's location (location of school/ league/ dance school), make sure to add the sales tax amount on the Organization level. You can learn more about Organization here.  mceclip3.png
  • Download your Tax Report directly from your Statistic tab




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