Global Access Codes, Global Connection Code and Find Your Access Code

1. Global access codes can be created from a photo job for the purpose of sharing to school staff and/or the principal. It will provide them with access to all photos in the photo job. Follow the steps below to create your global access code:

  • Click photo jobs on the top black bar (Screenshot)
  • Click the photo job you want to create a global password for (Screenshot)
  • Click Add global access code (Screenshot)
  • Type out your desired access code in the free field text box (Screenshot)
  • Save (Screenshot)
  • Provide the global access code to the school staff and/or the principal. 

2. Global Connection Code

Is used to allow parents to access their children's gallery with one password for the whole school, but they select their child's name from a list. The job must include student data (Firstname, Lastname) for this to work.

This option is an additional feature and needs to be activated by our Support team. Please reach out us, and we're happy to activate it in your account.


When parents enter the Global Connection Code in the shop, a list with all students' names will be displayed, and they simply need to hit the "Login" button to enter their child's gallery, after they have confirmed that they have the right to access the gallery. 



Please be aware that parents would technically also be able to access other galleries, we have added a privacy disclaimer, but you may want to discuss this with the school or childcare provider first. 

3. Find your Access Code

Now, you can also use the feature Find Your Access Code.  It's a more secure way safer of granting parents access to their children's gallery. 

Here, again, you set up a Global Connection Code, but you also check the box for Find Your Access Code, as this option only works in combination with the Global Connection Code. GotPhoto-Sell-photos-the-complete-solution__1_.png

When parents log in with the Global Connection Code,  they won't see the whole name list, instead, to enhance data protection, they type in their child's name and the system will then show them their child's gallery. With this setting, again, after clicking the login button, they need confirm that they have to right to access that gallery, before they can see the pictures. Captured-Photography__1_.png

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