QMate Software- Memory Mates and More: Create Your Custom Products In GotPhoto

QMate Software was developed to fill a gap

  • Easily create templates and generate final images within seconds
  • Suitable for memory mates, banners, magazine covers and school templates
  • Seamlessly integrated with GotPhoto: Automatically pull your photos from a job and export them back

You can download the software here, the latest version is V 1.04, it is currently only available for Windows:  https://noltesoftware.com/downloads/

A yearly license key can be purchased here: https://noltesoftware.com/order/ 

Get started with this QMate guide .


Please also check our Sports Days Videos, where we share more insights on how and when to use QMate.  


In case you consider outsourcing the Memory Mate creation, Next Gen may be a great choice. Learn more here, Next Gen - Step By Step.


Last Update: 05/09/2023


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