Can I add more photos to a job that is already on selling?

Yes, just upload the new photos or additional / retake pictures into a new album within the same job.


If you used our resorting feature (resort photos bases on group or techer or group /teacher scheme), you can resort them in step 3 of the activation process (expert setting), this way, the images will be automatically moved into their correct albums. 

If you use one of the faster upload methods (EasyUpload, Lightroom plugin or sFTP), make sure to  first switch the job back to "Planning", otherwise you won't be able to upload additional photos to the job. After uploading the images and activating the access codes, you can switch the job again back to selling. No additional emails will go out to parents, as the event "When a job is switched to Selling" already happened when you activated the job in the first place. 

If you only want to reach out to customers of that new / retake album in order to notify them that their pictures are online, you can create a newsletter from the Newsletter tab (Customers tab on the top menu > Newsletters > Create Newsletter). There, you find the option to filter per job and album. 


Important: If you use the web upload, the new album that you created will automatically be set as inactive after you have activated the access codes.  Customers would not see the image from that album in the shop. Therefore, make sure to activate the album under Album Actions > Activate album.  

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