Sports Best Practices: Communicating with customers

When communicating with your customers, don't forget to convey this key information:

Picture day(s):

  • Let customers know the date(s) for picture day! You can use the "Picture Day" ([Job.date_shot]) placeholder in your communication profile or newsletter.
  • Include any other relevant information they need to know to prepare for picture day, such as what to wear, if they need to bring a prop, where to meet, etc.

    Pro tip: If you want to use the same communication profile across multiple jobs, you can use the "Custom communication profile text" ([Job.custom_text]) placeholder for any job-specific text. Within each photo job's Advanced Settings, there is a field to add custom text to the job's communication profile using this placeholder:




  • Make sure parents know how to log into your proofing shop: 
    • If you are using an access code for each child: each customer will have their own customized login link. You can easily incorporate it into your communication profile by using the "Customer's personal link to automatically login in" ([Customer.loginurl]) placeholder in your communication profile or newsletter.
    • If you are using one access code for the job: make sure to share that code with parents.



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