Dance Best Practices: Job setup

When creating a new photo job in GotPhoto (Photo Jobs → +Create New Job), we recommend:

  • Choosing a good job name:
    • The job name will appear publicly in your shop, so please choose something you are comfortable having customers see.
  • Creating an organization for your job:
    • Any names lists you use will be grouped at the organization level, so it's a great way to keep your data organized.
    • If you're using batch shipping, the organization name will show up in the shop, giving your customers a personalized experience.
    • If you are using our advanced tax feature, where the tax rate is based on the organization's location, you MUST set up an organization for the job so that the right tax rate can be applied.
  • Customizing the internal job number:
    • The job number will appear on your QR cards and will be used for uploading photos later, so you can change the internal job number to something more intuitive for you and your customers.
      • An internal job number must be unique.
      • No special characters are allowed, just letters and numbers. You can also use "-" (dashes) and "_" (underscores), but please do not start or end the internal job number with either of these characters, or you may have trouble uploading photos later on.
      • A good example could be using the organization's acronym, plus the season and/or year, such as RHDFALL2021, or RHD2021.
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