Dance Best Practices: Organization On Location

Before the Shoot

  • Take staff through an itinerary of the day
  • Build your mobile studio before the children arrive
  • Let the staff write the name of the children on the QR cards if you haven't already printed their names on them. This allows you to match the card to the right person in case anything goes wrong.

Take Photos with QR Cards

  • Our suggestion: Begin with the group pictures and then continue onto individual shots. 
  • Group pictures: These pictures will be accessible to all parents in the group / album, therefore no QR cards are needed.
  • Individual portraits: First, take a photo of the child’s QR card, which includes their individual QR code, their name, and class or group written on it. Then take the photos of the child – all the photos taken after the QR card will be linked to that child.

Distribute Access cards

There are several ways to inform parents about how to securely access their photos in the online shop. These can also be combined:

  • QR cards - hand the QR cards out to the children / parents on the day of the shoot.
    • If you are using different access codes for different costumes for the same child: hold onto the child's QR cards after every costume change and place them in an envelope. After the final costume change, hand the entire envelope to that child / parent - that way, you don't risk the child losing the QR cards in between costume changes.
  • Email - If you obtained their email addresses in advance, automatically send the parents their direct login link using GotPhoto's communication profiles or newsletters. 
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