4. QR Cards & Barcode Scanning

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Before we start: The workflow outlined here and in the following sections pertains to our sports proofing workflow only. If you are doing a sports prepay workflow, please contact our customer success team at support@gotphoto.com for help.

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We try to automate the workflow as much as possible to help our photographers save time and effort! One of the ways we do this is with automatic picture tagging by using either our QR cards or barcode scanning.

With either method, GotPhoto will automatically link the photos you upload to the right athlete and sort them into secure galleries. Each customer will then use their own unique access code to log into the online shop (proofing) to see their althete's photos only.

In this section, we'll walk you through how to prepare your QR cards or barcode list prior to picture day.

#1 - QR Cards - Choose your layout & settings

QR cards are not only an effective way to tag photos, but they can also be a useful marketing piece. We offer a variety of different QR card layouts to choose from, depending on your needs. Choose a vibrant layout that advertises an upcoming deal (coupon), or if you are going paperless, choose a more simple layout that makes it easy to shoot. Complete your card settings for further customization and sorting options.

  Quick Tip

  • You can also use QR cards for barcode scanning! If you wish to do so, just make sure you tick the box for “Show barcode” in the QR card layout advanced settings.
  • In most cases, you'll want to sort by team (group) first, then coach (teacher) in order for the QR cards to come out in the correct order.

  Best practices

Coming soon!

#2 - QR Cards - Generate & print your cards

Go ahead and generate your QR cards! Once done, you'll be able to download the PDF document with the cards and print them locally. 

  Quick Tip

  • Don't forget to generate some extra blank QR cards. Extra blank cards can be used for any new athletes that show up, athletes that are missing from the names list or roster, to use for sibling/buddy photos, or just in case.
  • If you're doing a contactless picture day (and you have customer contact information!), you can also download the QR cards as a PDF and email them to your iPad for picture day. You can use CTRL+Find to quickly search for names and then photograph a picture of the card from your iPad.
#3 - Barcode Scanning - Generate your barcode list

Instead of using QR codes, you can also use barcode scanning if you have one of Foolography's Entagged devices. It is a small device that you connect to your Nikon or Canon camera. You can purchase it directly through GotPhoto HERE

If you are not using QR cards for your barcode scanning, you can simply generate a PDF with all the athletes' names and barcodes. 

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