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Before we start: The workflow outlined here and in the following sections pertains to our sports proofing workflow only. If you are doing a sports prepay workflow, please contact our customer success team at for help.

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In this section, we’ll walk you through how to choose your products and set up your price lists. In GotPhoto, your online price lists are referred to as “Price Profiles'' and they include:

  • Product packages (a mix of print, gift, and/or digital products)
  • Downloads (digital products only)
  • À la carte items (individual print and/or gift products)
  • Backgrounds (for greenscreen jobs)

It’s very important to design an effective price profile by having the user interface, product offering, and pricing incentives in mind, which we’ll guide you through in the steps below.

#1 - Create your price profile

The first thing you'll want to do is create a price profile. You can create your price profile for the job type you are photographing. Once created, you can reuse a price profile later in different jobs.

To create a Price Profile, go to Settings → Price Profiles, or just simply click Price Profiles

  Quick Tip

You can create your own price profile from scratch or use one of our demo price profiles to get you started. You can also duplicate or edit a demo price profile to make it your own.

#2 - Add your à la carte products to your price profile

À la carte items are the products that are sold individually in your shop and are not part of a package. These can include prints, canvases, gift items, and more - depending on the lab you are working with.

If you are building your price profile from scratch, we recommend starting with the à la carte items first.

#3 - Create your product packages

Product packages can include a variety of print, gift, and even digital products all bundled together, which are then offered at a lower price than when offering the items individually. This gives the best value to your customers and helps you achieve higher average order rates. It also simplifies product selection for customers, as several products can be ordered with just a few clicks.

To create your product packages, go to Settings → Product Packages, or simply click Product Packages.

  Quick Tip

You set the price for a package in the price profile, so, once created, a product package can be used again and again in multiple price profiles. 

#4 - Add your product packages to your price profile

Product packages need to be linked to a price profile before you can set their price or include them in a job. Go back to your price profile (Settings → Price Profiles) and add the product packages you'd like to include in this price list. 

  Quick Tip

The order of how your packages will appear in the shop depends on the order they are arranged in the Product Packages section of your account. Just use the double-sided arrows to the left of the package name to move them.

#5 - Add downloads to your price profile

You can add digital downloads to your price profile. Digital downloads are a popular selling item, and GotPhoto has several built-in products for you to choose from.

  Quick Tip

“Download with all backgrounds” only works for prepay jobs.

#6 - Add backgrounds to your price profile (optional - greenscreen)

Greenscreen is a valuable tool that allows your customers to choose different backgrounds for the same image, effectively multiplying the image selection available in your online shop and increasing your revenue earned without any additional effort. GotPhoto has different backgrounds already in your account, so you can choose from one of them or you can upload and use your own background!

  Quick Tip

GotPhoto only supports RGB background files, so please make sure you are using the correct file format if you are uploading your own background files.

#7 - Set your upselling options

GotPhoto has a number of different options to help you sell your photos, one of which is upselling.  Customers who select a package with an upselling option will be prompted to buy additional items at a reduced rate! These are items that they would not have purchased on their own, but that the shop is giving them the chance to buy at a discount. By adding upselling to your price profile, you're likely to increase your customer's average order size.

Upselling options include:

  • Adding an additional pose to a single pose package
  • Adding a print product to a download package
  • Adding a download to a print package
#8 - Set your prices

Setting the right price is crucial for successful sales and can be tricky to get just right. Put the price too high and customers won’t be incentivized to buy, but set the price too low, and you risk undermining your business. Pricing is strategic, but it should also make sense.

With that in mind, go ahead and set your prices! If you need help with pricing, we’ve provided some helpful resources below.

  Quick Tip

Any changes you make to the selling prices in your price profile will autosave (noted by a checkmark)!

#9 - Add price profile selling restrictions (optional)

Within your price profile, under Settings, you can further customize your selling experience and drive sales by either:

  • Making the purchase of a package mandatory
  • Setting a minimum order value for customers

These settings can be applied once per access code (i.e. athlete) or once per order. While this is an optional step, we recommend it!

  Quick Tip

  • "Apply per access code" means any limitations you set will apply once for each access code. For example:
    • Between divorced parents or multiple family members ordering for an athlete, they will only have to meet the criteria once amongst all of them.
    • For parents ordering for siblings, they will have to meet the criteria for each athlete.

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