Senior Best Practices: Creating Albums & Galleries


Where there are different picture types within the same job, such as Formal indoor, Formal outdoor, and Cap and gown, we recommend creating an album for each picture type. With this setup, customers will see each of the albums where they have photos neatly labeled when they log into the shop and will easily be able to look through their photos.

You can apply a different price profile on an album within a job, so you can offer different products and prices, depending on the picture type. This is set up from within the Album settings.

Pro tip: if you are using more than one photo job in GotPhoto for this job (i.e. studio sessions over a few days/weeks), make sure to manually build your albums, rather than using the "resort photos based on names list" feature. This feature won't work if you have your names list uploaded to the master job, but are building your galleries in a secondary job.



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