School Best Practices: Job Settings

After you create a new job, you'll then need to complete the job settings (Photo Jobs Open the job you wish to work on Settings). Each job may be a bit different, but here are our tried-and-true recommendations for most school jobs:

  • Use a names list:
    • Getting a names list with parent contact details is always the ideal scenario. Having parent contact details will allow you to make full use of our automated marketing tools (i.e. newsletters and communication profiles), which will have a positive impact on sales. Without it, you are relying on the school or organization to communicate with your customers, and it requires a lot more manual and follow-up work on your end.
  • Use a tiered coupon (proofing):
    • The tiered job coupon (proofing) is an awesome feature, which incentivizes parents to buy more! Using coupons in tandem with GotPhoto's communication profiles means parents will automatically be notified when their deal is about to run out, creating a sense of urgency that they could miss out on saving money. The proofing shop also displays the coupons with a nice visual countdown feature and completion bar:
  • Set an archiving date (proofing):
    • An archiving date indicates when the job's photos will be taken offline. Similar to the job coupon, when used alongside Gotphoto's communication profiles, parents will be notified letting them know they're about to lose access to their child's photos. In addition, we recommend setting a 1-day archiving delay to account for those late parents!
  • Use a communication profile:
    • Not a marketing expert? You don't have to be! Our team of marketing professionals has done all the leg work for you to design the perfect communication profiles for every job (you can use them as they are, duplicate them to make changes, or build your own from scratch). Once a communication profile is linked to a job, you don't have to think about marketing again: GotPhoto will automatically send out notifications to your customers based on the job triggers you chose. Not using communication profiles is a missed opportunity for driving more sales and saving you time!
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