School Best Practices: Communicating with the school

If you don't have customer contact information, you'll need to coordinate with the school to get key information about picture day and online ordering out to customers. Make sure to:


  • Request a names list:
    • If you are not doing service items: at the very least, ask the school for the child's first and last name, grade, and teacher data. We also recommend asking for the parent's contact details so that you can use GotPhoto's communication profiles.
    • If you are doing service items (i.e. yearbook photos or student IDs): ask the school for the child's first, last name, grade, teacher, and student ID number (this will be the column labeled "Identifier" in our names list CSV template). The Student ID number would be required to run student data exports. 



Have the school convey to parents:

  • The URL to your prepay shop
  • If they need to enter the job name or an access code to log into your shop (and what it is)
  • The prepay ordering deadline

Picture day(s):

Have the school convey to parents:

  • When Picture Day is, and any other relevant information they need to know to prepare for picture day


Each child will have a unique login URL, so we recommend that you hand out QR cards to parents on picture day so that they have all the information they need to access your shop and begin ordering. If you need to go contactless, you MUST get customer contact information so that you can email parents their unique login link.




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