Best Practices: Advanced Job Settings

Within each job, you can modify the Advanced Job Settings for further customization. Each job is a little different, but we recommend taking advantage of these Advanced Job Settings for most jobs:

  • Add a general job description (proofing):
    • The general job description will be displayed to parents in your proofing shop. This is a great way to convey a custom message, add images (i.e. of your memory mates). or provide some additional instructions to parents about the ordering process or products.

  • Turn on customer registration
    • If you don't have parent contact details from the organization, make sure to make customer registration a required step in the ordering process. Even if parents don't buy anything, if they complete the registration form you'll have their details stored and can send them additional notifications urging them to buy. 
  • Use Manual Revision: if you require any sort of manual processing (i.e. memory mates, retouching, etc.), make sure to turn Manual Revision on for your job. Remember, every order will be sent to Manual Revision and will require you to manually release the order to the lab for production.
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