Best Practices: Sibling Shots

Thanks to GotPhoto, sibling shots just got easier. Sibling shots are a fantastic way to create special memories and drive revenue on a job. 

1. Take a picture of Child 1’s QR card.

2. Take pictures of Child 1. 

3. Take a picture of Child 2’s QR card.

4. Take pictures of Child 2.

5. Take a picture of Child 1 & 2’s QR cards in the same image.

6. Take pictures of both children.

7. Upload all of the photos to the job and activate the access codes. In this example, two individual galleries for both children will be created, the sibling shots will automatically be added to both galleries. The first photo of both children's galleries will be highlighted in green and display the number of linked access codes.

**The system can detect up to 5 access codes in one picture. Please make sure that all of the access codes can be read properly and that the cards are not bent. Also, avoid any shadow on the cards that may reduce the quality of the picture.**

Pro Tip: When you’re done with the photoshoot, give the children their access cards and move onto the next child by taking a photo of their access card so that a new series is started.

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