Dance Best Practices: Job Statistics

Job statistics are a really powerful tool to use for your business. But simply looking at them is not enough; how do you know what’s good and what’s not?

We’ve looked at key job performance metrics for the top jobs as well as the average across all GotPhoto photographers according to segment to help guide you in better understanding your own job performance.

Take a look at the numbers below to see where you’re doing well and which areas can be improved.



Also known as

What it really means

Top of class (top 20 jobs in 2020)

2020 Average (across all US photographers) - Proofing only

Access codes

Number of heads 

How many kids did you photograph



Access codes with logins

Login rate

Out of all the kids photographed, how many have logged into your shop



Access codes with orders

Order rate

Out of all the kids photographed, how many have ordered something



Sales per order

Average order value

Out of all the orders placed, what's the average order value



Sales per access

Revenue per head

How much did you earn on average for each kid you photographed




Is there an area that you’d like to improve?

Login rate 

If your login rate is lower than you’d like, start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Are you using GotPhoto’s communication profiles?
  • Are you using both emails and text messages?
  • Do you have enough touchpoints with customers?
  • Are your notifications clean, clear, and catchy?
  • Do you include the customer’s login link directly in the email?

For our communication best practices, please check out GotPhoto’s Learning Hub.


Looking to get your order rate, average order value, or revenue per head up? Consider:

  • Are your prices high enough? Too high?
  • Are you using GotPhoto’s tiered coupons (proofing) to drive sales?
  • Do you require customers to purchase a package or reach an order minimum? 

For best practices around pricing, coupons, and order restrictions, please check out GotPhoto’s Learning Hub.

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