Sports Pricing Best Practices: Upselling (#4)

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Upselling prompts your customers to add an additional item to their cart for a discounted price when they order a package. This is a great deal for customers and should increase your average order value and overall sales when used correctly.

There are a few different ways to add upselling to your packages. We recommend the following:

  • Package C: add additional poses
    We set up Package C as a single pose package. Now we can add an upselling option to add an additional pose to the package. A customer that orders Package C and can normally only select one pose, can now add a second or third pose for an added price.

  • Package B: add a download - all photos ordered in this package
    Package B is a multi-pose package, but it doesn’t include any downloads. We have estimated that most customers would select around 3 poses for this package, so we will add a download of all photos in the package as an upselling option. This means the customer can pay an added price to get these 3 photos as digital files as well.

  • Package A: add a download - all photos available
    Package A is the largest package, so customers are likely to choose a variety of poses and have already committed to spending the most money. It makes sense as an upsell to add the option of downloading all available photos. Remember, we have “Downloads all photos” as a standalone option, so they’ll be getting it for a deal when they also order Package A.

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