Dance Pricing Best Practices: Product packages (#2)

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Once you’ve selected your individual items, you should build your product packages. 

  • Packages should be an assemblage of the items that customers could purchase individually, but at a lower price point. With packages, customers should be enticed to order more than they would if they shopped à la carte because they’re getting a good deal when they choose the package.
  • Three packages are just the right amount to appeal to customers at a variety of different price points. When photographers include many more than that, customers can get overwhelmed and have a hard time choosing. Each of the three packages should have a unique appeal and clearly stand out.
  • Only include print products in your packages, so that you can add downloads as an upselling option, and customers who want gift items will be incentivized to add them on top.
  • Packages should also make sense from a price and value perspective, starting with the lowest value and gradually increasing, so we’ll start with the cheapest package and build on from there.

Package C - Your cheapest package

For the cheapest package, we recommend excluding the two most popular print items - the 8x10 (most popular) and 5x7 (second most popular). This package should be an option for parents on a budget who want a deal, but there’s still an incentive for them to bump up to the next highest-priced package, which includes these favorite print items.

Package C should also be a single pose package. This is a setting that you can turn on your product package settings which restrict customers to only choose one photo to fill all the products in their package - they can’t mix and match. In upselling below, we’ll walk you through how customers can add additional poses to this package for an added fee.

Here is an example of how we would set up our Package C:

  • 2x - 4x5 / 4x6
  • 1x - 4 wallets
  • Restrictions: single pose

Pro tip: If you will be uploading more than 1 group image to an album, don't include a group image in your single pose package - the group photo will always default to the first one in the album, the customer can't change it. Instead, keep the group photo to your à la carte section so that customers can freely choose.

Package B - Your mid-priced package

Package B will include more poses and popular prints than package C, but won’t be quite as nice as Package A. 

We would keep the base offering of Package C but add in the 5x7 prints now. We’re still leaving out the 8x10s, saving them for the most expensive package - again, incentivizing customers to order up if they want those 8x10s at a deal! 

We would also make this a multi-pose package so that customers can mix and match poses. We estimate that customers will usually choose around 2 poses for a package this size.

Here’s what Package B looks like for us:

  • 2x - 5x7
  • 2x - 4x6 / 4x5
  • 2x - 4 wallets

Package A - Your most expensive package

Package A will be the most expensive package, so it should have the best offering when compared to all three packages.

Here we’ll include all the favorite print options, and also make it a multi-pose package.

Let’s see an example of what Package A should look like:

  • 1x - 8x10 - individual
  • 1x - 8x10 - group
  • 4x - 5x7
  • 2x - 4x6 / 4x5
  • 2x - 8 wallets

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