Job Statistics

Get a detailed overview of the job's timeline and statistics, including sales, logins, and average order value.

Photo Jobs → Select your job  → Statistics

Export the order data, products ordered, or the invoices for this job.



Account Statistics

1. Monthly Statistics

Toggle between Payments and Revenue to get a nice month-by-month overview of incoming payments and revenue (including sales tax and fees).

Statistics  → Monthly Statistics



2. Job Statistics:

Compare job performance (logins, orders, sales, and sales per order) cumulatively or within a job type. 

Statistics  → Job Statistics

  • Filter by job type (school, sports, etc.)
  • Select a year
  • Select a file format - CSV or XLS
  • Export



3. Product Statistics:

Understand which products are selling and generating the most revenue for a job, organization, or lab.

Statistics  → Product Statistics

  • Select a date range
  • Filter for a job, organization, lab - or all three.
  • Select a file format - CSV or XLS
  • Export



4. Sales Tax Reporting:

Get a complete breakdown of the sales tax your customers paid to your GotPhoto account.

Statistics  → Sales Tax Reporting

  • Select a date range
  • Select a file format - CSV or XLS
  • Export

The completed export will show up at the bottom of the screen, under Generated report, or the Exports tab to the right.



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