Modifying orders in manual revision

Orders requiring manual revision will be placed in your Manual Revisions tab. Click on Open to open the order. 


To change the crop or replace the image in the order only:

1. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen where the images are and select Adjust photo.


2. From here, you can:

   (a) Crop the image or rotate the crop orientation (portrait to landscape and vice versa).

   (b) Apply a photo effect, such as sepia or black & white.

   (c) Replace the image.


Note that any changes made here will only affect the image in the order - not the original image in the gallery.

3. Save your changes and then select Release this order for production



To replace the image (or many) in the order & the gallery:

1. Select Review order.


2. Click on Multi-Upload and select an image with the same file name to replace your image. All photos with the same file name will be replaced in the order and the gallery. You can upload multiple images at once.


3. When you're done replacing the images, select Confirm and submit to release the orders from production.


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