How do I create a student data export?

Creating a student data export is an important feature to understand, as it is frequently requested by organizations. With GotPhoto, this no longer has to be a long, tedious, and sometimes impossible task. Acquire more organizations, save time and stay organized by learning how to do a student data export using GotPhoto.

First, you will need to create a job as usual. While completing the job settings, you will need to upload a name list.  You can do this by selecting the QR-Tagging - with list of names. Here, you can also download a CSV template if you are unfamiliar with the format. You can copy and paste the information from your current list into the CSV template. The only mandatory columns that need to be filled in are Firstname, Lastname, Group, and Identifier. The other columns can be left blank.

Once the list has been successfully uploaded, names will appear on each QR Card, which can be downloaded from QR Cards tab.


Note: A list of names is required in order to perform a student data export. Please refer to the following article for more information on how to use CSV data files correctly: Uploading Student Data (CSV) into a Photo Job

The most important thing to remember during the day of the photo shoot and when uploading the images is that the first photo directly following each QR code will be used by default for the student data export.

*Note: The image used for the export is called the index photo. If you allow customers to select their favourite/yearbook photo, their selection becomes the index photo. Anyone that does not choose will keep the first image by default.



You can manually change the index photo once uploaded using the 'Set as index photo' highlighted above, but this may be time consuming depending on the number of students you’ve photographed. In order to save time, we highly recommend taking the first photo in the correct format.

Once all of your images have been uploaded and activated, you can complete the student data export by following the short steps listed below.

1. Navigate to the Selling tab from within your Photo Job.

2. Look for the box towards the bottom that reads Student Data Export and click on Overview.

3. Click on the blue button that says +Create export  



4. Choose PSPA or Custom for the Format (SIMS is primarily used in Europe) and click the blue button that says Create.

  • Custom allows you to choose the size of the exported images and the pattern for the file names.
  • Include students without photos or incomplete data – This is not recommended to use, unless schools request it.
  • Include student data as CSV file – Essentially, this is an export of the student data as it appears in the job's list of names.



5.  You will be notified via email once your student data export has been completed. Return to the Student Data Export screen in Step 3 to download the ZIP file.


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