Completing prepay job settings

Prepay Settings

You find the Prepay Settings under Step 3 - Important Events:


  • Deadline  > Your customers will be able to place order until the day you've set here. They can place orders until 11:59 pm of that day. 
  • Access Code > Only needs to be filled in, if you've checked the Protected Access box in the General Prepay Settings of your account. You can't use spaces here, digits and letters are allowed, and it's not case-sensitive.
  • Price Profile > This is the price profile that will be applied in the Prepay shop, please be aware of these settings: 
    • No upselling options (Additional poses, downloads or prints) will be shown in the Prepay shop, even if you're using an existing proofing price profile.
    • The Download All package is not supported in the Prepay Shop, you can offer the Individual Download instead. 
    • In the price profile settings, you also have the option to set the purchase of a package as mandatory or to set a minimum order value. 
    • Only in the Prepay price profile, you have the Green Screen option to add the download package "Individual Download with all backgrounds" . This package allows your customer to easily add all available backgrounds with a single pose to the basket – for a fixed price.Edit-price-profile-GotPhoto-Sell-photos-the-complete-solution__8_.pngThis is how it will be displayed in the shop: Prepay-GotPhoto__11_.png
    • Finally, make sure that you've added at least one package, otherwise no products will be visible in your Prepay shop (this is a current beta limitation). If you'd like to offer just individual products, as a workaround, you can create packages were you include those products. 
  • Custom fields > The fields for the students' / individual's legal first and last name are mandatory, but you can add one, two or three extra fields to the Prepay shop. The data you collect here will go in the respective columns of the names list. The fields are customizable, so instead of teacher you can ask for the coach, instead for group you can ask for the grade, etc.




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