Customer Registration

There are a few different ways you can customize the way you collect contact information from your customers during their online shopping experience. 

Online shop registration

For each photo job, you have the option of asking - or requiring - your customers to complete a registration form when they enter your proofing shop. This form will only appear after the job has been set to selling, meaning you will collect your customer's contact information even if they don't make a purchase.

1. Within the photo job's Settings, go to Actions Advanced Job Settings.


2. Scroll down to the section called Registration. Here, you can choose:

(a) to make the registration form optional, meaning customers can bypass it if they want to and continue with their shopping

(b) to make the registration form required, meaning customers have to complete it before they can proceed with shopping

(c) to make the registration form appear after every login, which means that each time the customer signs into your shop, they will be presented with the form


3. Save your changes. All changes will be effective immediately and live in your shop.


Ask for cell phone numbers

In addition to their name and email address, you can also ask customers to provide their cell phone numbers when they are interacting with your shop. Customers who share their cell phone numbers can then receive text message notifications from your automated communication profiles and newsletters. 

1. Go to Settings → Communication Settings → SMS Settings.


2. If you haven't already, enter your cell phone number to be assigned a Twilio phone number. This will ensure that your own phone number is hidden behind the Twilio number when sending out text notifications, keeping your number private.


3. Select from the dropdown if you want to make it optional or mandatory for customers to provide their cellphone numbers.


4. Save your changes. All changes will be effective immediately and live in your shop.


Before your job is set to selling

Whenever your customers log into your proofing shop before their photos are available, they'll automatically be asked to add their contact details to be signed up for future notifications and reminders. 


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