Adding a text (SMS) to a communication profile

1. Go to Settings → Communication Profiles, or simply click Communication Profiles.


2. Open your communication profile, either by clicking its name (the blue hyperlink), or Actions → Edit.


3. Click on + Add notification.


4. Select your email trigger. A trigger is an "event" during the job cycle, for example, picture day or when photos are live online. When the event occurs, it will trigger your email to be sent to the customer group you select (below).


5. Select the number of days. Once you select your trigger, a new dropdown will appear for the number of days. For example, if your trigger is "before photo day" and you select "1 day before", your email will be sent out 1 day before picture day.


6. Select the time. After you select the number of days, a new dropdown will appear for the time. You can usually select between two different time ranges, one in the morning and one in the evening. Note, if for the number of days you selected "immediately", the time will be automatically be set for you.


7. Choose your Customer Target Group. Select if you would like the email to be sent to potential buyers (those who haven't ordered anything yet), buyers (those who have already ordered), or all customers. Note, some triggers will automatically fill this in for you.


8. Select who you want to send messages to. Decide if this email should be sent to everyone, or just customers with or without photos currently available online. Again, some triggers will automatically fill this in for you.


9. Select "SMS" as the notification format. Then Save.


Now you're ready to create your text message.

10. Write your text message. We recommend staying within 150 characters to avoid sending more than 1 text message at a time.


12. Add placeholders. Placeholders pull in different data from the job. With a placeholder, you can add an extra layer of customization to your texts. For example, [[Customer.firstname]] will automatically customize the text with that customer's first name.


13. When you're done with designing your text message, hit Save


14. You'll be taken back to the communication profile overview, where you can check your trigger settings, and View your text to preview it.


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