Adding downloads to a price profile

  1. Click Actions, then Edit to open your price profile.


  2. To the right of "Downloads", select Add


  3. To add a download product, select Add.


  4. When you are done adding downloads, select < Back & set prices.


  5. From within the price profile, you can now:

    a. Set the selling price: This is the price your customers will pay at check out (plus tax).

    b. Assign to photos ("Available for"): This allows you to assign if the customer can order this product for all photos in the gallery, individual photos only, or group photos only. Most downloads should be assigned to "Individual photos" to prevent one customer from ordering the group photo and sharing it with the other children in the photo.

    c. Add upselling (recommended): Upselling will prompt your customer to add additional items to their cart when they select this download product in the shop (proofing only).



Quick Tip

You can add additional download sizes by selecting the blue hyperlink from the Add downloads page:


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