Adding packages to a price profile

  1. Click Actions, then Edit to open your price profile.


  2. To the right of "Packages", select Add


  3. You'll be taken to your list of packages. If you want to view the contents of a package, click Package details.


  4. A popup will appear with the package content, quantity, and any restrictions. Select Edit to make changes to the package, otherwise, close the popup.


  5. To add a package, select Add


  6. When you are done adding packages, select < Back & set prices.


  7. From within the price profile, you can now:

    a. Set the selling price: This is the price your customers will pay at check out (plus tax).

    b. Set the recommended price (optional): Adding a higher recommended price will show that your package is worth more, but is offered in the shop at a discount (proofing only).

    c. Add upselling (recommended): Upselling will prompt your customer to add additional items to their cart when they select this package in the shop (proofing only).



Quick Tip

If you would like to change the order of your packages in a price profile, go to your Product Packages and use the double-sided arrows to rearrange the order of the packages. 


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