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Picture day is here! While most of what goes on during picture day will take place outside the GotPhoto platform, we work with thousands of photographers and have seen firsthand what it takes to run a successful picture day. In this section, we’ll walk you through some of the most important considerations for picture day that will leave kids and parents happy, and also help to ensure a smooth workflow for you later on when you return to the platform.

#1 - Run a contactless picture day

Although things are opening back up, it may be a while before things completely return to normal. Hygiene and health safety may continue to be a big concern for the foreseeable future, so it’s important that you can demonstrate to the school/organization and parents that you are doing everything you can to run a safe and contactless picture day. Being able to speak to this can truly be the difference between winning (or keeping) and losing a job.

If you need a little help, we’ve designed a safety concept, materials, and videos for you to use to run a contactless picture day.

#2 - Stay organized

We know picture day can be hectic and something will inevitably come up that you didn’t account for. But trying to stay organized throughout the day will help ensure things run as smoothly as possible.

Try to plan in advance: imagine the order of the day, who will be with you, where it will take place so that you can try to anticipate any problems and be prepared for whatever comes your way. If you need some help, we’ve prepared some best practices below.

  Quick Tip

If you don't already have customer contact details, set up a table with an iPad at Picture Day or have an assistant going around and scanning the QR card so that parents can register for future notifications on the spot.

#3 - Shooting with QR cards

On picture day, you must always take a picture of the QR card prior to taking photos of the child so that GotPhoto can do the automatic tagging later on.

Remembering to photograph the QR card and making an effort to ensure the picture of the code is readable will help you cut down on manual tagging later on.

  Quick Tip

If you're doing a contactless picture day (and you have customer contact information!), you can email the QR cards to your iPad for picture day. You can easily search for subject names and then photograph a picture of the QR card on your iPad.

#4 - Shooting with a barcode scanner

On picture day, you must always scan the child’s barcode prior to taking photos of the child so that GotPhoto can do the automatic tagging later on.

Remembering to scan the barcode will help you cut down on manual tagging later on.

#5 - Get the right shot

Picture day can feel like a whirlwind, and sometimes you only get a few moments to capture the perfect moment(s). Plan your approach for taking the perfect photos in advance, so that you don’t have to think twice about it on picture day.

Consider your selling method (prepay or proofing), time and resources, and the poses that will be appealing to parents. Taking the time to think it through beforehand will help ensure that you get the shots you need for strong sales and happy customers.

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