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Picture day is over and now comes the fun part - editing your photos and getting them out to customers! GotPhoto’s automated workflows will make building your galleries and processing orders fast and easy.

  • If you are working with prepay sales: you’ll want to fulfill orders that have already been made by customers during the prepay ordering period. This section will walk you through how to upload your photos to GotPhoto and match the right photos to the correct orders before sending them off to the lab.

  • If you are working with proof sales: here we’ll show you how to build beautiful online galleries that customers will love and want to order from!
#1 - Edit your photos

Any photo editing that you plan to do yourself* should be done prior to uploading the images to GotPhoto. 

*If you would like to use GotPhoto’s built-in editing service for photo editing or greenscreen knockouts, make sure to review Submit your photos for editing below.

  Quick Tip

  • Would you like to restrict which photos customers can choose from when they're selecting their yearbook photos? Just make sure to 5-star these images in your editing software before uploading them to GotPhoto. 
  • Using Lightroom? We are integrated with Lightroom so that you can make your photo edits and upload the images easily to GotPhoto in a few quick steps. Please refer to the Photo Upload - Lightroom for step-by-step instructions.
#2 - Set a watermark

From your photo job, head to the “Photo Management” tab. This is where you will create your albums, upload and sort the photos, and add your watermark. Once that is all complete, you will be able to start fulfilling any prepay orders or selling your photos online.

Start by setting your watermark. You can use the standard watermark that came with your account or your own custom watermark that you created in the One-Time Settings guide. 

#3 - Create a new album

Within Photo Management, create a new album. Inside the album, there will be two different categories for photos:

  • Group - these photos will be visible to everyone within the album (i.e. all kids within the album will be able to see any group photo(s) within that album).
  • Individuals - only the child with that access code can view these photos (i.e. there can be multiple kids in the individual section of the gallery, but they will only be able to see their own photos).
#4 - Upload your photos

For stable uploads and high volume shoots, choose from one of the platforms below to upload your photos to GotPhoto:

  • Easy Upload: our own, internally developed photo uploading tool. It’s free to download for Mac and Windows users and has a very simple user interface. Simply upload the photos into your album, or drag and drop entire folders and the app will build your galleries and sort the images for you.
  • Lightroom Plugin: an sFTP upload plugin that integrates with your Lightroom software to enable you to upload photos from Lightroom directly to your jobs in GotPhoto. Recommended for those who are already using Lightroom as part of their workflow.
  • FTP upload: upload photos to your jobs in GotPhoto using your preferred FTP software.

  Quick Tip

  • Make sure to switch your job to "planning" when you go to upload images using one of the above methods.
  • You can always upload photos using your web browser, however, we only recommend using this method to upload a few photos for a very small job or to add additional photos to an existing gallery. High volume jobs should defer to one of the other options above, otherwise, it will take a long time to upload all the photos.
#5 - Sort your photos & activate access codes (QR codes only)

If you are using QR cards, arrange your photos so that the photo of the child's QR card is in front of the child's photos. The system will automatically detect the picture of the QR card and read the code. Make sure that all the QR codes have been detected.

If you are doing manually tagging, you'll have to manually tag the photos now.

When all the photos are in the correct order and all the QR codes have been detected, you can activate the access codes.

  Quick Tip

  • If you are using QR cards, make sure to manually tag any QR card photos that haven’t automatically been detected by the system.
  • Doing barcode scanning? GotPhoto will automatically tag and activate the access codes for you!
#6 - Assign an index photo

Setting an index photo serves a few different purposes for your job:

  • It's the default photo that will be downloaded if you run a student data export.
  • It's the "chosen" photo that will be used to fulfill prepay orders if you have more than 1 image per child in the gallery.
  • It will be the photo in the banner of your online shop if you have asked customers to choose their favorite / yearbook / ID photo.

  Quick Tips

  • The first image after the QR card will default as the index photo. 
  • If the customer has selected their favorite photo or yearbook photo, that will become the new index photo. The customer's selection always overrides the photographer's selection. 
#7 - Submit your photos for editing (optional)

You have the option of using one of our editing partners for photo editing or background extractions (green screen).

You first need to upload your photos and activate the access codes, then go to the “Photo editing” tab within the job, complete the form, and the photos will automatically be transferred to one of our partners for editing.

  Quick Tip

If you are doing green screen, make sure to upload your photos as JPGs with the green background. The finished PNGs will automatically replace the original files in your photo job (you will have a chance to review and approve edits first!).

#8 - Set your job to selling (proofing)

Before customers can view their photos online, the job status needs to be changed to “Selling.” If you are happy with your albums and job settings, go ahead and set the job to selling now.

  Quick Tips

  • If you are using a communication profile that uses “When a job is set to selling” notification trigger, these emails and texts will be sent to customers after 9:00AM, your local time. This means that if you set your job to selling at 12:00PM, the emails will not go out to customers until 9:00AM the following day.
  • If you change your mind and move the job back to “Planning,” the emails will still be sent because the notification has already been triggered.
#9 - Fulfill your prepay orders (prepay)

Your prepay orders have been placed, but they are missing photos. Now that you have uploaded your photos and activated the access codes, you can populate the orders with photos. GotPhoto will automatically match the child’s photos to their orders, according to the access code, and will flag any orders that are missing photos so that you can fix them now, or hold them back from production to be resolved later on. 

Go to Orders → Order Entry, or simply click on Order entry to populate your prepay orders and release them for production. 

  Quick Tip

  • If you have set your job to Manual Revision: after you release your prepay orders for production, they will be transferred to your Manual Revision tab to be reviewed and then will need to be manually released to the lab.
  • If you are using Batch Shipping: after you release your prepay orders for production, they will be transferred to your Batch Shipping tab. 
    • Manual batch processing: you will need to manually release your batch to the lab.
    • Automatic batch processing: if you are submitting your prepay orders after your batch deadline, you will still need to manually release your batch to the lab.
#10 - Run your student data export 

Creating a student data export is an important feature in your account, as they are frequently requested by organizations or required if you're doing yearbooks. With GotPhoto, this no longer has to be a long, tedious, and sometimes impossible task. You can acquire more organizations, save time and stay organized by creating your student data export using GotPhoto.

  Quick Tip

Currently, student data exports can't export the original image size.

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