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GotPhoto has 2 primary ways you can communicate with your customers through the platform:

  • Communication profiles: these are automated email and text messaging campaigns with multiple notifications that are linked to key events (triggers) within the job.

  • Newsletters: these are individual, one-time email and text message campaigns that can be sent out to promote special sales or events.

In this section, we’ll discuss the communication profiles that will be linked to your job in the following section. Newsletters will be discussed later on in the job cycle (see After Picture Day).

#1 - Communicating with your customers 

To make the most of GotPhoto's automated marketing campaigns, you'll need customer contact details. We recommend always requesting this information from the school or organization as part of the names list or roster -- more and more organizations are getting comfortable with providing this information to photographers, so if you haven't asked for this before, give it a try!

If you don't receive customer contact information from the school or organization, there are a few other ways you can collect customer contact details using GotPhoto:

  • Ask customers to register when they log into your online proofing shop
  • Set up registration for picture day, where customers have to register their children for picture day (proofing)
  • If you are doing prepay orders, they will automatically build you a names list with customer contact details 
#2 - Communicating with the organization

If you don't have your customers' contact details, you'll need to rely on the organization to share the right information with customers about picture day and ordering, including:

  • Picture day date, time, location, and any special requirements (i.e. props, dress code, etc.)
  • The URLs to your online prepay and proofing shop(s) 
  • How customers can place prepay orders - using the access code or job name

Make sure to clearly communicate this information to the organization to ensure a smooth picture day and ordering process for your customers.

#3 - Create your communication profile

GotPhoto’s communication profiles are a fast and efficient way to market to your customers with very little effort! You can choose certain moments in the job lifecycle to automatically trigger communications to go out to your customer, such as:

  • Picture day reminders
  • Pictures are now online / prepay sales are open
  • Special promotions (i.e. coupons)
  • And more!

Create a new communication profile by going to “Settings” → “Communication Profiles,” or simply by clicking Communication Profiles.

  Quick Tip

If you don't want to start from scratch, you can also use the standard communication profiles that come in your GotPhoto account or duplicate them to make your own changes. Once you set up a communication profile, it can be used again and again in multiple photo jobs.

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#4 - Add email notifications

Email notifications are a fun and effective way to communicate with your customers. GotPhoto’s email notifications allow you to choose the email event (trigger) and customers you wish to target. You can build your email layout with custom graphics, add links/buttons, and use our placeholders to automatically pull in the unique data that relates to each customer.

Add multiple email notifications to your communication profile now to reach your audience at the perfect moments!

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#5 - Add text / SMS notifications

Adding text message notifications to your communication profile can dramatically increase customer engagement and sales! We all know how glued we are to our phones these days; where emails can often get buried or forgotten about, text messages are a sure-fire way to reach your customers. SMS notifications also use placeholders to easily help you build a personalized and effective message.

If you have customer phone numbers, go ahead and add text message notifications to your communication profile.

  Quick Tip

To use text message notifications, you'll need to create a Twilio number in your GotPhoto account. This masks your number when sending out text messages to customers, which allows you to keep your personal mobile number private. If you haven't done so already, you can create a Twilio number from your GotPhoto account under SMS Settings.

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