How to Fulfill Prepay Orders

I. Photo Upload 

Upload your images via your preferred upload method. Then, under Photo Management, make sure, the galleries are sorted and all galleries are tagged. Finally, activate the access codes, you can sort them based on the names list. 

lI. Photo Population and Order Creation

1. Once you have activated the access codes and all galleries look fine, go to Orders (top menu)> Order Entry and look up the order collection for your Prepay job. Right to the job name, click Actions, then "Review and Create"


2. Now, hit the "Populate photos" button.


Then, refresh the page after 3-5 minutes (depending on the number of orders),  the respective images for each order will displayed under the Products/ Packages ordered column. 

In case you receive an error populating photos note, please check if the pictures have been uploaded with the access codes that was created when the customer placed their order. The fastest was to find this access code is by clicking the order number, that will take you to the order overview, where you can find the URL for the customer's order/payment overview, copy and paste the link into a new browser tab, it will show you the prepay orer summery, including the correct access codes. In a last step, make sure to change the access code under photo management to this access code, then retry populationg the photos to the order. 




3. Finally, hit the "Place order(s) now" button. 

Please note: The orders haven't gone to the lab yet. There is a last step needed: The open batch for this job needs to be sent to production > see VII. Batch Shipping

Also: If you have activated the Manual Revision for this job, the orders can now be found under Orders > Manual Revision and you need to revise and release them manually, one by one to the open batch of the job. 

lll. Batch Shipping

Depending on your job settings, the orders will be either automatically sent to production after the batch shipping deadline, or, you can now release the batch manually to production.  

lV. Switch Job to Proofing (optional) 

You can now switch the job to proofing by changing the status from Prepay to Selling, this will also activate the trigger in the communication profile, if you've also included the standard triggers for a proofing job. Make sure that all proofing setting are set up correctly, before changing the status to Selling. Switch_to_Selling.png


Q: Is it possible to include paper orders to the batch of online pre-orders?      

A: Yes, you can use the Order Entry (Batch Shipping) to add orders that have been placed in paper forms. You will need to add the students manually to the names list of the job, before you create the QR cards. If you don't have their names, just add a sufficient number of additional  blank QR cards before you generate and print them. In the order collection for the prepay job, click "Add order" so that the order will be automatically included. Review-order-collection-GotPhoto-Sell-photos-the-complete-solution__12_.png



Q: What if there's a pre-order but the student is not present on picture day and I have to take re-takes. Am I still able to release the orders that have already been placed, as I can't populate images for that order? 

A: Yes. The system will show you an error message after you've populated the images, so that you're aware that there are orders without images. Nonetheless, you can hit the Place order(s) now button, the system will move thosed order without pictures into a new order collection, all other orders with pictures will move into the open batch for that job.Review_order_collection_GotPhoto_Sell_photos_the_complete_solution__6_.png

Q: Can I cancel a Prepay order before I release the order collection to the batch?  

A: Yes, click Actions next to the order that should be cancelled in the order entry, then click Delete.

Please know that this will only cancel the order, not the service fee, please reach out to our Customer Care team via and ask the team to also revert the service fee for the order. -SWORD-531-Option-to-cancel-PrePay-orders-in-Overview-Page-GetPhoto-PM.png

Q: Can my customers open a complaint for a Prepay order, e.g., if they were not satisfied?

Yes, like for proofing orders, on their order overview page, customers find a link to open a complaint/give feedback. Prepay-GotPhoto__13_.png

Q: How can group photos and memory mates be populated? 

If you set up a group print to be only available for group pictures only, the system will automatically populate the group pictures.

If you offer memory mates, make sure to enable Manual Revision in that job ( Job Settings > Actions > Advanced Job Settings) so that you can replace the individual image that has been populated for the memory ate product with the final image. Once you create the orders in the order entry, they will first be sent to Manual Revision, after replacing the images and releasing the orders, they will go to production (direct shipping orders) or into the batch for that job. 


Q: I need to cancel a prepay order, as I did not take pictures of that student, what is the best practice in this case? 

In the order collection of the job, under Actions, you find the option to delete the order, this will remove the order from the order collection, but you will still be able to find the order when searching for it with the little magnifying glass on the top of your admin area. Capture888.JPG

Please note, that this won't refund the customer's payment, you need to proceed the refund in Stripe. Also: if you delete the order from your end, the service fee won't be canceled automatically.

Therefore, before deleting the order from the order collection, please call or email support so that we can cancel the order and the related service fees on our end.  

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