How To Fulfill Batch Shipping Orders

Assuming batch shipping is enabled in your account, you will find batch shipping settings under 'step 3) Important Events' in your photo job's settings page. Under processing you'll find two options, manual and automatic processing - we will discuss the main differences between these two processing types:


Manual Processing

With this processing mode, you will have to personally transfer the batch to the lab from your GotPhoto account on your provided batch shipping deadline. There are two reasons photographers use this mode:

  • It allows for the opportunity to revise crops and/or to upload retouched photos prior to being transferred to the lab.
  • It also allows for the opportunity for you to provide a customized delivery option - say for example if you want the batch to be send to the school instead of your studio. 
  • Lastly, it provides photographers with the flexibility to transfer and submit batches at will depending on volume of orders (IE → 1 batch a day, 1 batch every 2 days, 2 batch every week etc)


 In order to transfer a batch to the lab, follow the steps below:

  • Click Orders on the top black bar
  • Click the Batch shipping tab

You will then find a table that lists all your batches. 

Open the relevant batch by clicking either the Batch ID or by clicking the Open button.

A new page and table will appear that includes all the orders in the batch. This is a good opportunity to double check the orders. If you find that an order requires any revision, our technical support staff can place retroactive orders to manual revision for the purpose, even if you've previously revised and released the order. Once you have checked the orders and are ready to submit the batch, click the blue "Prepare production..." button in the top right.


You will then find a summary of the batch. 

Unchecking the my address checkbox would allow you to provide your own delivery address.

In addition, you can decide what to do with the job next, you can either Archive the job, set the job to direct shipping, or start an additional batch. You can then proceed by clicking "Send to lab(s) now". 


How do I know my batch was successfully transferred to the lab?

There are two areas you can confirm whether your batch was successfully transferred:

  • On your batch shipping page ( Orders → Batch Shipping), you'll find a status column; the status should change from Open to Processing and to Sent
  • In addition, you can also click the relevant batch and find batch details in the top of the page, including a transfer date - there should be a timestamp if the batch was successfully transferred. 



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