Welcome to GotPhoto!

We want to make sure that you feel comfortable and confident using GotPhoto and all of its powerful functionality.

To get started, you’ll want to make sure your account is set up. Below are the steps you'll need to take to get up and running!

#1 - Set up your invoice settings

Invoice settings are one of the first things you should set up in your account. When an order is placed in your account, an invoice is generated and emailed to the customer. Adding an invoice address and sales tax rate(s) to your account is required prior to selling on Gotphoto. You can also personalize your invoice, such as uploading your logo or adding a personal note.

To set up your invoice settings, go to Settings → Sales settings → Invoice settings or simply click on Invoice settings.

  Quick Tip

If you need more than one sales tax rate for different locations or product types, please reach out to our customer success team at support@gotphoto.com for help.

#2 - Set up your account settings
GotPhoto uses a number of events during the job cycle to trigger communications to your customers, so it's important to set the right timezone! Here, you can also set your order notification preferences.
Just go to Settings → Account Settings, or simply click Account Settings.
#3 - Add users to your account

Do you work with a partner, team, or staff? Add users to your GotPhoto account for easy collaboration. You fully control user access rights and what they can and can't change in the account.

To add users to your account, go to Your Account → Users & Passwords, or simply click Users & Passwords.

#4 - Connect a payment method(s)

GotPhoto supports credit card and debit card payments through various payment platforms, such as Stripe, PayPal, and Authorize.net.

Whichever payment platform you choose, we have all the options for you to explore in Settings → Sale Settings → Payment Methods, or by simply clicking Payment Methods

  Quick Tip

If you are doing prepay sales, please get in touch with our customer success team at support@gotphoto.com to ensure the required prepay settings are turned on for your account. Stripe is currently the only payment platform we support with prepay sales.

#5 - Add your Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy

To sell products online, you need to provide customers with your Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy statement at the time of sale. By adding this information to your GotPhoto account, your customers will be prompted to agree to them during the online ordering process.

To add your Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy statement, go to Settings → Pages & Menu, or just simply click Pages & Menu. Here, you will find tabs for Terms & Privacy

  Quick Tip

You can copy and paste your existing Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy statement into GotPhoto, or find templates to use online.

#6 - Customize your shop(s)

Customizing your online shop is incredibly important for brand recognition and also creates a professional ordering experience for your customers. GotPhoto offers a variety of different ways for you to customize your shop and bring your brand to life online! Prepay and proofing sales use completely separate online shops, so you’ll have the opportunity to customize them both.

  • Proofing Shop: In your proofing shop, you can add your business logo, a page title, and set up your primary color scheme. Just go to Settings → Logo & Design or simply click Logo & Design.
  • Prepay Shop: Your prepay shop will have a slightly different interface than your proofing shop, so you'll need to configure those settings as well. You can create a unique page title, set your primary color scheme, and decide how customers can access your shop (access code or job name). Go to Settings → Online Shop Settings → Prepay or simply click Prepay settings.
#7 - Activate your lab partner(s)

GotPhoto partners with a number of major labs across the US and Canada. When you activate a lab partner in your GotPhoto account, customer orders that are placed from your online shop or manually from within your account will be sent directly to the lab for automatic fulfillment - you don't have to do a thing. But first, you need to activate the lab partner(s) you’d like to use with your GotPhoto account.

To activate a lab partner, go to Labs & Products → Partner Labs or simply click Activate photo labs.

  Quick Tip

Not all of GotPhoto's lab partners are publically listed, so if you don't see your current lab in your account, please contact our support team at support@gotphoto.com to see if we are already working with them and if they can be added to your account.

#8 - Set up your communication settings

GotPhoto has a robust automated marketing system that allows you to schedule email and text messages to customers, notifying them when their photos are available online and for reminders to purchase. Under Communication Settings, you can configure these settings, like adding your signature block and logo.

To set up your communication settings, go to Settings→ Communication Settings, or simply click Email Settings & SMS Settings. 

  Quick Tip

If you’re worried about sending text messages for privacy reasons, don’t be! We set you up a Twilio phone number for your text message notifications to customers so that your personal mobile phone number stays private.

#9 - Enable batch shipping (optional)

Batch shipping allows you to hold all orders within GotPhoto until a certain date, at which point the orders then get transferred to the lab altogether in a single batch. The batch gets shipped to one location, usually the organization or studio.

If you would like to have the option to offer batch shipping to customers, go to Settings → Sale Settings → Shipping Settings, or simply click Shipping Settings to enable batch shipping. You’ll then be able to turn it on or off on a per-job basis.

#10 - Create your watermark

Did you know you can increase your revenue by 54% with an effective watermark?!

Your GotPhoto account automatically comes with a watermark (called "Standard"), but should you wish to create your own, you can do so by going to Settings → Watermarks, or simply by clicking Watermarks.

Now your account settings are done! Please go back to Onboarding Guides and select a job type for detailed instructions on how to set up your first job.


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