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Can you rearrange images within Quick Composite? 

QuickComposite does not support rearranging images once they are in the template currently. If you have a particular teacher than you want first, I recommend using the Drag Drop (1) order. If you drag from that teacher, they will be put first in the sequencing. That should allow you to put the head teacher where you want them.



Are you able to crop images within Quick composite?

Currently it's best that the images are properly cropped before they are added to the composite.  You can control the size and aspect ratio of the images/frame image, but there is not a way to allow cropping/zooming in on the image itself.
Is there a way to straighten the student images once loaded into Quick Composite? 
Yes! To straighten the nodes, you can adjust the rotation settings in the theme configuration.  0 and 0 sets them straight.  
How can I purchase?
A license can be purchased from our shop - https://www.gotphoto.com/quick-composite/
Is there a Quick Composite guide? 
The QuickComposite user guide can be found here - https://app.hubspot.com/documents/3360279/view/88451503?accessId=b467db




The background isn't going into quick composite. What am I doing wrong?


You have to first click, "Show Theme Configuration". From there, you can open your JPG background image. Be sure to press 'save as custom design' so that you can 'Open Composite Theme' in the future, instead of having to "show Theme configuration" then upload the image again. Note the quick composite guide for reference. 


Can I offer a print of 8x10 for the composites?

Yes, The background image file in Quick Composite controls the output size. If you purchase the QuickComposite software, we will provide you with a selection of free 5x7 and 8x10 backgrounds.

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  • Are there 8x10 composite backgrounds i can download

  • Can one create a composite with oval windows instead of rectangle or square?

  • I am able to add the student data and populates their names okay, but the teacher photo shows up turned sideways.  The teacher photos I did not post with the class photos but have added them manually in QuickComposite with the file name set as their name to so it will be displayed in the composite.  Do I have to add the teacher photo in the website and export it together for this to work?


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