Upload A Different Names List

You might want to add more students to the names list, and need to update the names list. In which cases can you still adjust the names list? 

Case 1: You have not imported the names list yet: here you can simply upload a different names list that will overwrite the first roster you uploaded.  

Case 2: You have already imported the names list, but you forgot to add students, or you  want to change e.g. group info. You haven't created the QR cards yet, so the QR codes can still be changed: Here you can simply delete the job, create a new job and upload your corrected roster, the system will then create new random access code for your students and you won't have any duplicates. 

Case 3: You only have the students names, no potential buyer information on your roster. You have already imported the names list and created the QR cards and taken the pictures. Here, you want to make sure that no duplicates are created when you correct data in the list or add students to the list. 

1/ First export your existing names list under Manage Names (under the Settings tab of the job)GotPhoto-Sell-photos-the-complete-solution__61_.png


Within the new spreadsheet you've just exported, you can make your modifications.

IMPORTANT: You must keep the ID column unchanged, this is GotPhoto's record indicator for the child's data entry. Changing this would result in the re-import not being successful or creating duplicate data entries.

2/ Now, you can use the Upload different List button and upload this edited names list (in this case we have added group information) Capture.PNG44.PNG


3/ Now match your data with GotPhoto's column, make sure to match the ID and also the other data from your names list with the corresponding columns. Then, confirm the columns.  


4/ In a last step, start the import. Review-your-data-2-2-GotPhoto-Sell-photos-the-complete-solution__1_.png


Now, you can see that the group info has been added to the existing data. No data has been changed or duplicated:List-of-names-GotPhoto-Sell-photos-the-complete-solution__9_.png


Important: In all other cases, where you need to change a names list or where you need to add data,  please first reach out to support, so that we can check the individual case. 

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