Upload Names List Via School Portal

Through the School Portal, you can offer schools the option to upload a names list with the benefit of having all customer data hidden prior to orders, even though the data will be used in communication profiles and newsletters. 

The names list upload via the school portal and also the school's option to set up an own password are additional features, please reach out to support in order to have it activated in your account

If you are looking for a video, please check this video, a recording from a past webinar on the School Portal. 

How to use this feature

1. First create an organization for your school and check the box at Access to Portal and allow the school at least access to the data of the jobs that are connected to that organization. 


By checking the box "Send an email to set a new password", you can request the school to set up their own secure password.


The school will then receive this email:


2. When you create a new job for that school, click the Advanced Settings and select the organization from the drop-down menu. 


3. Names list upload by the school

This is the view that the school has when they log in the school portal: 


Now, they can upload their roster: 


Here they need to match their data with the GotPhoto names list columns and confirm the data.Review-your-data-1-2-Mirate-School-Photography.pngAfter confirming the data, the system will process the data, this can take a moment.


In the next step, the school staff need to hit the Start import button.Review_Data.png

Once they've imported the list, they can hit the Done button.List-of-names-Captured-Photography__2_.png

4. Names list on your end

That's how the names list now looks on your end when you click the Manage Names button on the Settings page of the job: 


When you check the access code overview page of one of the access codes, you can see that the parents' info is hidden to you.


Q: When I check a newsletter that has been created or send out, can I see the customer's email?

A: No, it will be hidden. 


Q: Can I search for a customer name? 

Technically, yes, but it will lead you to the customer's overview where all data is hidden.   



Q: How do I know that the school has uploaded the names list? 

A: You will be notified by email once they've uploaded the names list to the job. 



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