Editing Service: Extractions

The Editing Service is available for all jobs with the job type School & Preschool as well as Sports. When you create your job, make sure to select one of the two categories and the matching school /sport type. 

What is the workflow for the knockout service? 

1. You upload your JPGs (all solid background colors- except of red master backgrounds- are fine, a green background will still provide the best quality) as usual to your job, sort them, check that every sequence of a subject is tagged correctly, then you activate the access codes, this last step is important, because the images of the QR cards need to be hidden, so that they won't be edited. 

2. Open the Editing tab of your photo job and request the knockout service.


Once the job has been submitted, the screen display this status update: 


If you need to cancel the request right after you have submitted it, please use the cancel button on the top right. If you change your mind later, please first reach out to support team so that we can check the status of the editing job. 

3. Once the picture are ready to be reviewed, you will be notified by email. 

4. Under the Editing tab, you can now review the extractions and either approve the images or disapprove and enter a complaint:Approve2-png-1899_1008-__1_.png



What is the turnaround time for knockouts?  

48 hours

What is the price for the service? 

  • Picture selection: $0.03* per submitted photo
  • Cropping: $0.03* per submitted photo
  • Image processing: $0.10* per edited photo
  • Knockout: $0.30* per edited photo

 *Plus tax

The photos in which a QR code was detected will not be processed or calculated.


I use Foolography's Entagged devise to tag my pictures. Can I use the editing service and will my pictures still be tagged?

Yes, when you use our knockout service (handled by our partner 36pix), we can guarantee that the metadata  remains saved within the files.

Important: If you do the knockouts through a different software, please test ahead of your shoot if the stored tagging information is still saved in your metadata (for Canon cameras, the info is stored in the copyright field, for Nikon it's in the user comment field).


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