Adding student and parent information to a single gallery

1. Adding student info to an individual gallery

In Photo Management, when you open an album, you find the Access Code Actions next to each individual galleries.  You have two options here: 

  • In the dropdown menu, select Add a new student in case the student is not on the names list of the job. Then you can add their name and any additional info like the group or Identifier (student ID) that you have from that subject.


Select Link this access code to a student if the student is already on the names list, then this access code will be added to the student. 


2. Adding parent info to an individual gallery

You can add parent names and contact details by clicking Access Code Actions and selecting Add a potential Buyer. Please note that the email is mandatory. GotPhoto-Sell-photos-the-complete-solution__31_.png

The subject is already on the names list of the job? In this case, click "Link this access code to a student" and select the student name from the list. This way, the student will automatically be assigned to that gallery. 


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