Green screen is a valuable tool that allows your customers to choose different backgrounds for the same image, effectively multiplying the image selection available in your online shop and increasing the revenue earned without any additional effort.

There are four things you will need to do to get started with Green Screen, and while they can be done in any order, we would recommend doing them as follows:

  1. Upload your backgrounds.
  2. Create your product packages with Green Screen in mind.
  3. Create your Green Screen price profile(s).
  4. Upload images from the photo shoot as PNG files in your Photo Job.

Let’s go through them in more detail now.


Upload Backgrounds

You can find the page to upload your backgrounds by clicking through the following:
Settings —> Labs & Products —> Green Screen

As a guideline: Our backgrounds have an average size of 2,400x3,360 px.

Your backgrounds' color space needs to be sRGB.

Click on the blue “Upload a new background” button at the top right to upload your backgrounds one at a time. Before uploading each background, you can name them and select whether to include them as Standard or Premium backgrounds.

Note: Customers will be able to see the names you create here, so go for something simple or catchy!


Product Packages for Green Screen

If you’ve worked with product packages before, you will do exactly the same thing here with the exception of one additional setting to consider:

Single Background

If you want to limit the pack to only one background, you’ll need to make sure this box is selected. Otherwise, leave it unchecked to allow customers to choose any background for each product in the pack. (By default, it is unchecked to allow multiple selections.)

Save and repeat for all packages you want to use in your online shop.

Note: You don’t need to create packages specifically for green screen. If there are no green screen backgrounds in the price profile, it will act as an ordinary product package.


Price Profiles for Green Screen

Just like with the product packages, you will create price profiles the same as before with the exception of a new section:

Green Screen Backgrounds

Here, you can select from the backgrounds you uploaded previously to choose which will be available in your online shop.

If you have many backgrounds that are only available for specific job types (such as schools and sports), it is recommended to create a different price profile for each job type.

The prices displayed for the backgrounds are in addition to the packs and individual products. For example, if a 5”x7” print is $10 and you set the backgrounds to $2 each, the price for a 5”x7” print with custom background would be $12.


Upload PNG images to your Photo Job

Because of the customizable nature of green screen backgrounds, we need layers to make it work. JPEGs do not provide the type of layering we will need, so you will need to edit out the green background and save the resulting layer as a PNG file.

You can upload the PNG files directly to your Photo Jobs as usual, using either the browser upload or EasyUpload. 

Likewise, activating the codes is the same as before, so be careful not to knock out the images of the QR cards if you are using them! 

Once the steps above have been completed, your Photo Job will be ready to go live for your customers, so they can select and purchase their favorite backgrounds. And unless you decide to add more backgrounds, products, or packages later, you can skip the first three steps for all future green screen jobs.


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