GotPhoto has a number of options to help you sell and upsell your photography throughout the year and not just immediately after the photoshoot itself. 

Upselling: Downloads

With every product package there is an ‘Offer additional Downloads’ feature. When this feature is selected, you can set a price for the package photos to be downloaded at a discounted price as opposed to just ordering downloads. Your customers will be shown this option as an offer once they select a pack. This can increase overall revenue from each customer. 

Seasonal Offers & Reactivations: 

You can reactivate pre-existing photo jobs (ideally only older than one season), more specifically if they underperformed the first time around and make additional sales using the season as a means to make offers. Consider Black Friday, Christmas, New Year, Easter & Summer sale as opportunities to reactivate a photo job and re-market them to potential buyers who didn’t make a purchase the first time. Christmas is especially important as many print labs offer greetings cards and christmas related products in their range which can be used to create a ‘Christmas Gift Package’.


Using Newsletters: 

Newsletters have many functions within the GotPhoto system, however, they can be used effectively to help promote reactivations of old jobs and to offer ‘one time deals’ to buyers or potential buyers in the photojob. Not only reactivations, you can send a newsletter whilst your photo job is live to communicate deadlines/deals with your customers. You can easily find the newsletter feature in

Photo Jobs > Selling > Newsletters & Communication. 

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