How to add an image to a newsletter

Here, you'll find the two steps you need to proceed to add an image to a newsletter: 

1/ If you've already saved this image on your website or image hosting service, you can skip this step, but if not, you'll need to go to Settings --> File Manager ( and then upload the photo. Once you do, you should see it appear in the list with a Link. (Clicking on the link should show the photo.)

Copy this URL and paste it into the following code, replacing IMAGE LINK (but keep the "" quotes):

<img src="IMAGE LINK">

2 / Next, in the Message part of your Newsletter, there is a source code button <>​ on the control panel above the content field.

Click this and a pop-up window should come up. Simply enter the HTML code where you want the image to appear. When you click Update, the image should now be in the body of your email.
If necessary, you can resize it using some attributes in the code, like this (numbers refer to pixels):
<img src="IMAGE LINK" width="300" height="300">


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