Incoming Payments 


Own Gateways:

Stripe and/or PayPal - All the transaction fees will be charged directly by the payment provider.


GotPhoto Gateways:

MangoPay (credit/debit card, bank transfer, PayPal) - All payment fees are carried by GotPhoto. The full customer payments are credited to your account and all associated charges (production and shipping fees, service and transaction charges) are deducted directly from the paid amount.


Customer Invoices

In order to ensure that the accounting is correct, all invoices issued in your name are permanently stored in the administration area. You can export the invoices as a data list to simplify the entry into an accounting software. In addition, the invoices can be downloaded collectively as a ZIP file and then saved locally. All customer invoices are found under

Orders → Invoices


GotPhoto / Lab Invoices 


You will regularly receive an invoice for all account transactions - basic fees, service fees and laboratory costs. The invoices are issued in two situations. Regularly on the last day of a month and for each payout. These invoices are also permanently stored in your administration area and can be downloaded as PDF at any time. You can find them here:


“Your name” → Your account → “Invoices” (left side)

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