Payment services

We provide different payment types based on countries’ needs.

For all external providers, you will need first to create an account on their respective website and then integrate on your account. 

Each payment service can be enabled/disabled from your shop :

Settings > Sale settings > Payment Methods

For more information, about all payment services, please read the payment service manual.  MANUAL


Terms and Conditions

If you want to sell products in an online shop, you’ll need to provide your terms and conditions for your customers. Your customers will then be prompted during the order process in your online shop to confirm and agree to your conditions.

Every company should have a terms and conditions page accessible by their customers, this outlines such things as: Copyright, Limited Liability and Terms of Service. For legal reasons, we cannot provide sample terms. To ensure legal compliance we advise you to acquire professional help in creating your terms.

To create your Terms & Conditions, go to "Settings → Pages & Menu" in your account. Here, you will find the tab "Terms".


Shop Logo Upload

You can add your business logo to the shop to display your brand identity to your customers. The logo uploaded will appear on the top left corner of the shop page. 

The size of the logo should be no larger than 170x65 pixels and you can save your logo as a JPEG, PNG, GIF file. To upload your logo, go to

Settings → Logos & Design


Data Protection Agreement (DPA)

Virtually every business relies on third parties to process personal data. Whether it’s an email client, a cloud storage service, or website analytics software, you must have a data processing agreement with each of these services to achieve GDPR compliance.

Please ensure you complete the Privacy Statement and DPA as required by law. You cannot gain access to the online shop without having one. You can find this information on the Dashboard area of your account as a first time user, otherwise  please see/use our template and step-by-step guide.


To access this area on your account click:

Your Name’ → ‘Your Account’ → ‘Privacy Agreement (DPA)

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