Can I Offer Memory Mates Or Composites In My Sports / Dance Jobs?

Yes, this is possible, and there are different ways to accomplish that. At this point, we're not supporting multi-pose products, but, you can build them on your end and add them to your price lists. You can handle them either in self fulfillment or automized by sending the final product through GotPhoto to the lab. There are several ways to proceed, the following are just examples: 

Option 1: You create memory mates for all subjects of a job after the shoot.   

This can be time-consuming,  but if you don't mind the effort, you can then upload the final product to the subjects' gallery, customers can then see the final product in the shop and purchase it as e.g. an 8x10. 

Option 2: Use a 8x10 or 5x7 placeholder print from your lab.

Most of our partner labs have additional 8x10 and 5x7 placeholder product on their item list. When you click the details of the group print, you can customize the product name. Rename it to Composite, or Memory Mate. This name will then be displayed to customers in your shop. 


We highly suggest uploading a sample image of the final product, you can also add a description to the package so that your customers know that you will select the group picture and that they will select their individual image for the composite / memory mate here. 

For your customer, this package will be displayed like this: Captured_Photography__15_.pngWith this set-up, you need to enable the Manual Revision in your job, so that you can replace the image the customer selected, before the order is transferred to the lab. You can enable Manual Revision under the Advanced Settings of your job. Settings page of job > Actions > Advanced Job Settings > Revise orders manually. 

The upside here is that you don't need to self-fulfill the multi pose product and save time, the downside is that you need to activate Manual Revision here, for the whole job. 

Can I filter all orders to find orders that include this item?

Yes, Under the job's statistic tab, you can do an order export and filter the file for the special item. Statistics_GotPhoto_Sell_photos_the_complete_solution__1_.png

 Option 3: Three pose composite where customer select place of each selected image and add their name. 

For a three pose template, you create  two custom products under your production tab. Then, you create a package, add e.g. 8x10 from your lab which will then be replaced by the final composite, so that the lab can print it and you don't need to self fulfill it. If your own lab has not been activated yet, please call support and schedule a training for the production tab.
Here is an example for a package with two custom items and an 8x10 from a partner lab where the customer can select 3 poses that go into a composite. Here, the customer can also decide in which place (right, middle left) of the composite the selected picture should go and, they can add a name that will be added to the template (in case your template has also a place where the name is included). 


You are able to customize the lab's product, this makes sense if you would like to give your customers the option to not only select their images but also to define in which place which image should go. In this example we have the right, middle and left position of the composite, therefore, we named the 8x10 3  Pose Composite Left. 


Under the production tab, we create two products for the middle and right position: Edit-product-GotPhoto-Sell-photos-the-complete-solution.png

For one of the poses, we've also included a custom field for the subjects name, in case your template needs the subject's name and you want to give your customers the option to use their short name/ nickname. Edit-product-GotPhoto-Sell-photos-the-complete-solution__1_.png

This is how the package looks like for a customer in the shop


The order will the go to our Manual Revision tab, where we can replace the 8x10 with the final composite.


These are just examples of workflows you can use to offer multi pose images. You could also only use products from your own production and self fulfill the order afterwards. It really depends on the time you want to invest here and to what extent you'd automate the process.



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