Add Custom Text to Notification or Newsletter

You can add a custom text to notifications in your communication profile and also to newsletters of a specific job. 

Step 1: 

In your job, go to Settings > Actions > Advanced Settings > Custom communication profile text. There, you can add your custom text for customers. 


Step 2

Now, go to your price profile you've assigned in this job, and edit the notification(s), where you'd like to add the custom text: Simply set your cursor at the paragraph where you like to add the text, select the placeholder "Custom communication profile text" and save the settings.


Please note: The custom text won't be displayed in the preview, this is a normal behavior, as this placeholder can have a different custom text in each job where the communication profile is used. But, you can be sure that the text will be included in the notification that goes out to customers.

Here, you can see the email that the customer receives: 


However, if you create a manual newsletter under the Selling tab of the job, the preview will show the custom text:View_newsletter_GotPhoto_Sell_photos_the_complete_solution.png

Q: I placed the cursor at the correct position where I'd like to enter the placeholder, but it does not appear there, what am I doing wrong?

A: The text might have been added at the end of the email, if this is an existing template. To correct the position, first highlight the placeholder, then press Ctrl+X (PC) or Cmd+X (Mac) on your keyboard to remove it. Afterwards, Press Ctrl+V (PC) or Cmd+V (Mac) to paste the placeholder at the correct position in the text. 

Q: I've added a custom text placeholder to a communication profile that I also use in jobs where I haven't saved a custom communication profile text. Will customers also receive an email with the custom text from another job? 

A: No, your customers will only see a custom text when you've saved a custom communication profile text in the Advanced Job Settings of this particular job.

Q: Can I use this custom text placeholder when I create a newsletter from the Newsletter tab (Customers > Newsletters > Create Newsletter)? 

A: No, because this newsletter is not linked to a specific job, you can only filter the recipients and select customers from a specific job. That's why you won't find this placeholder in that area of the system.





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