The metadata upload is a great way to import previous jobs to GotPhoto where you did not use QR cards, but paper forms, or where you used a different tagging software. We recently added the option to upload the CSV in the job, so you can use your preferred photo upload method. This article is a step-by-step guide for this workflow. In case you upload via FTP, you can also upload the names list via sFTP. For more infos, please watch this screencast. 

1. Template

Please use this template for your data. This is a different template from the regular GotPhoto template for QR tagging, as it has the additional column Photo for the file name. Just leave the columns bank where you don't have any information. It's important not to change the wording of the column headers.

Mandatory Fields:

  • Firstname
  • Access Code (Here, you need to create random codes, if not already assigned, you can create random codes in Excel)
  • Photo (File name)

Optional information:

  • Parent contact info: In order to create a customer entry, you need at least an email address to  create a prospective buyer, using just a parent phone number only will not create a customer entry. If you have phone numbers: You don't need to use the country code +1 for phone numbers and it doesn't matter whether you use spaces, dashes, or parentheses. Each of the following will work for US numbers:

(234) 567-8901



234 567 8901


Multiple images for subjects:

For multiple images for the same subject, create individual rows for each image like in this example (right click on screenshot and open it in a new tab). So, if a subject has 3 images, they should have 3 rows with data instead of just one. 


  •  Group: If you want to sort the subjects into grades or teams, use the group column, for teacher /coach the teacher column. This way, you can upload the pictures in just one folder and use the "Resort photos based on group or teacher" option when you activate the access codes after the upload.  
  • Identifier: This column can be used for the student ID, each student entry must be unique, you can't use the same identifier for all students. 

2. Job Settings 

Create a job with the Settings Access code for each person and select the method Manual Tagging. Then, select your Price Profile, and fill in all information under Important Events. Finally, assign a Communication Profile. Make sure to save the settings on the left or bottom of the Settings page. 

3. CSV Upload

Go to Photo Management

  • Under "More..." select Import metadataImport_Metadata.png
  • Upload your CSV fileImport_Metadata_2.png

Now, you should see the CSV, if you click Resort Photos based on names list, you see the drop down menu where you can sort the images in Group (grade) or Teacher (coach) folders. Don't click Apply, you first need to upload your pictures. 


4. Photo Upload 

Upload the pictures to the job. You can use the web upload by clicking again the Photo Management tab. There,  you can create albums and add all individual pictures to that folder.

We recommend using one of the faster upload tools, EasyUpload or uploading the pictures via sFTP or Lightroom.


5. Tagging

After uploading the pictures, click again the Photo Management tab so that you can see again the metadata file and the Apply button. Make sure to select a watermark.  If your names list has entries in the group or teacher columns, check the box for the expert feature "Resort photos based on name list", then, hit the blue Apply button


Wait until the access codes have been activated, don't close that page during this process.  


Now, each album has separately tagged galleries, the student name and (in case in was in the CSV) customer contact data (click envelope). The first image in each gallery is the index picture, of course you can go in and select a different one. 


Group pictures:  If you have group pictures, you can now also upload your group pictures to the job. If you have different albums, you can upload them all in one group folder and move them afterwards in the correct album.

A second option is to upload them all in one album that is visible to everyone that has access to these pictures of this job.  

6. Names List

Now you can go back to the Settings page of the job. Under 1. Access Type, you can now change the settings from Manual Tagging to QR Tagging with List of Names, make sure to safe the settings on the left side or the bottom of the page. After you've changed the settings, you can now see and click the imported names list ("Manage Names").


7. Switch job to Selling

If everything is set up under the Settings page, you can now change the job status from Planning to Selling.   


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