Barcode Tagging With GotPhoto: Workflow with Entagged App & Barcode Scanner


Update Fall 2022: 

Recently, the new feature Names List for Foolography's Entagged device was released. It allows you to import GotPhoto jobs to the Entagged app, so that you can simply select the subject in the app, without the need to scan barcodes via the Entagged app or with the bluetooth scanner.

You can learn more about this paperless and very time efficient workflow here:

Barcode Tagging with Entagged - Names List Feature


Otherwise continue here, and learn more about using barcode Tagging with the Entagged app, or a bluetooth scanner (e.g., Opticon 2006).


Instead of using QR codes, you can also use barcodes if you have one of Foolography's Entagged devices. It is a small device that you connect to your Nikon, Canon, or Sony camera. You can purchase it directly through us.

Please follow these steps when you set up a job:  

1. Create a new job and the select the method QR Tagging with List of Names 

2. Upload and import the names list to the job.

3. Export the names list as a PDF with barcodes



4. Create the QR cards, tick the box next to "show barcode" (Advanced Settings). Generate the cards and print them if needed.


5. On picture day, you scan the code, either from the PDF with barcodes, which is most convenient, or from the QR cards. You can use the Entagged app to scan the barcodes, or you use an opticon scanner, which is more convenient. Then, you take the picture of the person. Repeat these steps for the next student. The pictures will then automatically be tagged. For more information on the workflow on location, please check Foolography's tutorial. Hand out the QR cards to students, so their parents can preregister in case you don't have their emails prior to the shoot.

6. Under Photo Management, upload the pictures via Easy Upload, sFTP, Lightroom or via our Web Upload. If you use the Web Upload, create a new album first.

7. Now, you'll have all pictures in one album, open the album and click Resort photos to albums under Individuals Actions and select your preferred scheme (teacher or group). The system will then sort the images based on your names list. This way, folders for each teacher or group will be created, so that each gallery goes into the correct folder. New albums are created for each group or teacher from the name list.
Note: Group photos will have to be manually moved into the correct albums afterwards.


8. Afterwards, you can delete the empty folder. 

Please note: At this point, 'Distribute photos to all albums' doesn't work if the access codes have been activated in earlier albums or jobs. We're working on an improvement.

Important: If you use barcode tagging and QR tagging in your account:

Entagged changes the copyright information in the camera you use, the camera will store the last  scanned code into all the following photos, even if you don't use the Entagged system for the next shoot. Therefore, at the end of a barcode shoot, you could scan an empty barcode, or one with your standard copyright info if you prefer, to replace that last "real" code you scanned. You can also go into the camera menu and edit the copyright information manually to delete or overwrite the code that's in there before you shoot a job using QR cards. 

If you don't delete or overwrite the last scanned barcode, you will notice the following in your next QR tagging job: Though all access codes are captured perfectly, not all the images of the QR cards won't be tagged automatically. You can fix that by removing the access codes under "Individuals Actions" in the respective album in Photo Management. This will bring you back to the page where you see the three steps to activate the access codes. Once you've activated the access codes, the pictures will be tagged correctly. 

Q: Can I also use barcode tagging when I don't have a names list? 

A: Yes, just select the method QR Tagging on the Settings page of the job and include the barcode on the QR cards as described above.


Q: I use Foolography's Entagged device to tag my pictures. Can I use the editing service and will my pictures still be tagged?

A: Yes, when you use our knockout service (handled by our partner 36pix) via the editing tab, we can guarantee that the metadata remains saved within the files. You take the pictures, then you upload the JPGs to the system and sort the images in their respective albums, the system will then automatically create individual albums and galleries. After that, you submit the editing request for the knockouts. This way, you can make sure the images are correctly parsed, and the metadata does not get lost through the knockout process. 

Important: If you handle the knockouts through a different software, please test ahead of your shoot if the stored tagging information is still saved in your metadata, as it might not be the case for all software types (for Canon cameras, the info is stored in the copyright field, for Nikon it's in the user comment field).


Q: I want to upload more pictures to a job where I used the Entagged device, but this time, I used QR cards / I manually tagged the images. I can't activate the access codes, what should I do? 

You cannot combine pictures where you used barcode tagging and pictures where you used QR tagging in the same album. The Solution is to move the pictures where you used the QR codes to a new album. There you can activate the access code. Afterward, you can move the pictures back to the original album if needed.


Barcode Scanning Update 01/2022: 

In addition to the scannable barcode, we now also show the actual barcode on the QR card, so that you can quickly reference the student you are photographing. 

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