Managing Order Labels

When you submit a batch order, GotPhoto automatically generates labels for the lab to print and apply to each order envelope. Labels include:

  • Child name
  • Group
  • Parent name (optional)
  • Teacher name (optional)
  • Job name 
  • Job number 

As a photographer, you have the ability to modify some of the above label settings.

Include Parent Name and Teacher Name
If this information is included in your job's names list, you can choose for these details to be shared with the lab and printed on the order labels.

  1. Go to Settings > Sale Settings > Shipping Settings
  2. Under Batch Shipping, "Transfer school details", you can select which details to share with the lab:
    only transfer child name and group; or
    additionally transfer parent and teacher names to the lab
  3. Save your changes


Customize Job Number
The job name is something you assign when creating a new job, but some people don't realize they can also specify what the job number should be. If you leave it blank, it will default to "JOBXXXX", which will be visible on the label. To create a custom job number:

  1. Go to Photo Jobs > Create New Job
  2. Under Advanced Settings, you can assign an "Internal Job Name"


You can always modify the job name or job number at any time, simply by going to the job's Settings > Actions > Edit Job Information:


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