How can parents select a yearbook photo?

By default, the index photo (marked with a star) is the first image following the QR Card. If you allow parents to choose the yearbook photo, then it will change to whichever they select.

Under Settings, select the option "Customers can select their favorite photo" and chose "Yes, Yearbook photo." Yearbook_photo.png

That's how it looks for parents when they log into your shop: change_YBP.pngIf they change the image but selected the wrong image, they are still able to log in again and to correct the image (as long as the Yearbook selection is activated under the Settings of the job.) You can also adjust the index image under Photo Management. 

You can manually change the index photo once uploaded using the 'Set as index photo' highlighted above, but this may be time-consuming depending on the number of students you’ve photographed. In order to save time, we highly recommend taking the first photo in the correct format.


When you create the Student Data Export, you have a last option, to adjust the index photo before you generate the export:


  • Click the Selling tab within the photo job 
  • Click Student Data Export 
  • Click Create export
  • Select the Format in the Format Drop Down Menu:
    • PSPA
    • SIMS
    • Custom
  • Select the pattern for the photo files names (Optional, select Custom to build your own pattern)
  • Click Proceed to PreviewHere you can see what the end customer selected, you could also override any selection.


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