School Best Practices: Organization On Location

Before the Shoot

  • Take the staff through an itinerary of the day.
  • Build your mobile studio before the children arrive.
  • Let the staff write the name of the children on the password cards if you haven't already printed their names on them. This allows you to match the card to the right person in case anything goes wrong.
  • Choose a place to take the group photos with the whole class.

Take Photos with QR Cards

  • Begin with the group pictures and then continue onto individual portraits. Once you’re finished, and if the parents request it, you could also take pictures of siblings.
  • Group pictures: These pictures will be accessible to all parents of the class, therefore no QR cards are needed.
  • Individual portraits: First, take a photo of the child’s QR card which includes their individual QR code, their name, and class or group written on it. Then take the photos of the child – all the photos taken after the access card will be linked to that specific QR code.
  • When you’re done with the shoot, give the child their access card and move on to the next child by taking a photo of their access card so that a new series is started

Distribute Access cards

There are several ways to inform parents about how to securely access their photos in the online shop. These can also be combined:

  • QR cards - give the QR cards to the teachers / students on the day of the shoot.
  • Email - if you obtained their email addresses in advance, automatically send parents their direct login link via email using GotPhoto's communication profiles or newsletters.
  • Contact sheets - paper forms that can be created under the "Selling" tab after the pictures have been uploaded (as they contain preview pictures). They need to be distributed by the school and are a great way to boost your sales.
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